Biodegradable pot: PF-005-5-S1

Model: PF-005-5-S1
Product type: Biodegradable pot
Material: Bamboo pulp, chaff, etc

Biodegradable pot: Size (OD*H): 15*13 cm
Color: F4528 Saucer: (PF-A06-3) Size (OD*H): 9*1.3 cm
Color: F4528

Environmental friendly: Our products are biodegradable, meaning they will be broken down by the action of naturally prevalent bacteria in the earch. Biodegradable products do not pollute the environment, and reduce landfill and resources used in the recycling of plastics.

Attractive: Wide range of colours and styles are available. We can make pots to your own colours and have custom shapes/designs manufactured.

Practical: Good air permeability help to facilitate the growth of the plant, and they can easily be discarded without harming the earth.

Certifications: Our products have successfully passed many tests for biodegradation, food usage, safety and others. These include GB18006.1-1999, ASTM-F963-2008 (including PHOS, EN71, EU ROHS).


Natural . Sustainably Sourced